Paul Steinhilber

Freelance iOS Developer

I am a freelance software engineer with a focus on developing native apps for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV using Swift and Objective-C.

I have a strong background in computer science, experience with UI/UX design and helped to create numerous award-winning apps.

I’d like to work with you, too.

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  • 1986  ⋅  born in Stuttgart, Germany
  • 2006–08  ⋅  Merz Akademie, Stuttgart — Communication Design (New Media)
  • 2008–11  ⋅  Ulm University — Media Informatics
  • 2011  ⋅  Bachelor of Science from Ulm University
  • 2011–13  ⋅  Mannheim University — Business Informatics
  • 2013  ⋅  Master of Science from Mannheim University
  • since 2013  ⋅  Freelance iOS Developer

my apps*

  • LX Gesetze  ⋅  the leading app for german law
  • phonetrait  ⋅  smart contacts launcher
  • Weiqht  ⋅  weight loss tracker
  • stonewall  ⋅  block calls, contacts, groups

* this list only includes apps I own or co-own. Apps build for others are not included.
If you want more information about the projects I was involved, please contact me.